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Monday, October 8, 2012

Random Thoughts: Fall Break

Ya, no school today or for the next week! I love fall break, no school, no homework, time to read, what could be better? (well I guess summer break is better since it is longer but this will have to do for now)
I find it funny that it is 'fall' break because even though it is technically fall, it is still hot where I live, but it is like this every year so I can't be surprised.
Is anyone else on Break right now? 
I LOVE the fact that I have time for reading!! I can finally catch up and read the the new Hero's of Olympus release from last week :D
The may be the shortest post i have ever written but I will make up for it this week by posting a lot :)

Hope everyone is either having a good break or enjoying school :D


  1. I have Fall Break next week and I can't wait! Hope you enjoy your break!

  2. Aww since you got in early you get break early! Lucky! I'm still in school until around Thanksgiving then there's the break. It was really really hot where I lived until this week it started--FINALLY--to a fall weather.

    Have a nice time reading and know that I'm jealous of you the whole entire time. ;P