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Poetry Corner

Ok so I love poetry and I would love to share my love of poetry with other people. I will post one  poem every Friday and to find a poem look here. I post all sorts of differents poems but two of my favourite poets are Langston Hughes and Emily Dickinson. 

Order of Postings

To Waken an Old Lady --- William Carlos Williams
I Wondered Lonely as a Cloud --- William Wordsworth
Mother to Son --- Langston Hughes
Jabberwocky --- Lewis Carroll
Hope is a Thing With Feathers --- Emily Dickenson
One Art --- Elizabeth Bishop
As I Grew Older --- Langston Hughes
A Strange Wild Song --- Lewis Carrol
The Sun-Dial at Wells College --- Henry Van Dyke
Fear No More --- William Shakespeare 
The Meehow With an Exactlywatt --- Shel Silverstein
Theme For English B --- Langston Hughes
A Book --- Emily Dickinson
The Road Not Taken --- Robert Frost
A Sunset --- Victor Hugo
A Light Exists in Spring --- Emily Dickinson
Dear March -- come in -- ---Emily Dickinson
Whatif --- Shel Silverstein
A Lament --- Victor Hugo
Demand --- Langston Hughes
Dreams Deferred --- Langston Hughes
Wild Strawberries --- Shel Silverstein

By Poet
Dickinson, Emily

Frost, Robert

Hughes, Langston

Hugo, Victor

Silverstein, Shel

My Poetry
The Night Full of Stars