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Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Poetry #1

At School I am taking a Poetry class this Semester and I have nothing to do with the poems once I turn them in so I will post them here! Please tell me what you think and be honest because they probably won't be very good, but I still have to try for school, oh well.


Books, chapter’s, pages filled with thought;
Unlocks imagination within our minds,
That expands with the story plot.
It takes us on a magic ride through time, space and new worlds.

The leafy pages teach us about the world,
Like trees teach us about the past.
They can be about anything untold.
Books are the gifts of the past and present.

They tell us of wondrous things, better than anything else,
And they are the keys to knowing ourselves.
Books are here with us today;
They will never go away.

Isn't it just awful great. I kinda hoped you enjoyed it, but I understand if you didn't besides this was my first poem I wrote. 


  1. Wonderful poem Jane! I really like it, and I think you have big potential in writing poetry!

    -Grace :)

    1. Thanks but I won't go into writing poetry but it is really fun discussing what the poems deeper meaning is, like it is with boooks :D