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Friday, August 10, 2012

Random Thoughts: My Week

So many things going on! School started Monday, which is good and bad. I was able to see all my wonderful friends again but I also have a ton of homework now which is a pain and I keep getting distracted by my computer, oops. Plus that means less time for books which means you will get posts about books I read at school which are usually good or about Random thoughts like this, haha.
Nevermore came out Monday and the entire book was maddening. 
My French Teacher wasn't at school until Wensday because of a family funeral, tear. I hate it when sad stuff happens to teachers. Now that she is at school she speaks in French the entire class. Which is really cool but really confusing at times, oh well, I will get better at understanding her. It does help that I took three years of Latin before this and that 40-50% of English word have French roots. 
On Tuesday morning I got braces, and they hurt when I chew but today they didn't hurt as much I was happy. I thought to my self maybe I will get used to it and they won't bother me forever. It also helps that I only got braces on my top teeth, but I have to get them on my bottom teeth later, oh well.
Just so this post is only about my boring life here is one of my current favourite songs by Sia. Is it weird that I am American and I like an Australian singer, haha. 

I hope you enjoyed my randomness, haha :D



  1. Hi Jane! Wow, school has already started for you?! I'm guessing that you start the summer holidays earlier then, compared to us people living in Canada.

    -Grace :)

    1. Yeah summer holidays start the end of May, so it is not all bad we still have two months off. Tonight I actually went to a back to school ice cream social, it was fun even though I never actually ate any ice cream. Haha :D

  2. You got braces! I remember when i first got the and every time they tighten it hurts. Hope it gets better, I feel your pain, Jane! Eat LOTS of ice cream. It helps!

    1. Thanks and I will try to follow your advice about the braces