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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Book Review: Nevermore

Hey look at that I finally finished it, took long enough (4 whole days, what is wrong with me)! If you want a summary of the book go the the Nevermore Release post.
It was amazing, but it drove me insane!! I hated Dylan the entire time and I finally forgive Fang for leaving. Oh did I forget to mention that there will be spoilers, stupid me I was just so excited that I wanted to tell you all about it and THERE ARE SPOILERS!!! Ok now that I have mentioned that the full review will start in the next paragraph : D

Review: 4-5
Odd review, I know. I loved it don't get me wrong it just drove me insane at times so I want to bump it down to a 4 but it is still amazing enough to be a 5. I don't know what to think, see what I mean the book drove me insane! I hate Dylan as much as I ever did and I wish he would stop trying to win Max over. I can't believe she would ever listen to him and even kiss him, I hated her at times. Ari is Alive as well as Angel. Fang comes back to Max, best part of the book in my opinion. He told he loved her and they are meant for each other no matter if Dylan loved he was programmed to love her. They are able to rescue Angel from the lab. Things are going ooookkkk, not great though never great, oh did I forget to mention Maya died it was the highlight of my day even if Fang was slightly sad it doesn't matter because he was just trying to replace Max. This is also this problem with the 99% group who wants to kill off them world population by 99%. The book is amazing but I am not sure about the ending but I think that is just because the ending is so unexpected maybe.

Now that I have spoiled the entire book, silly me. For those of you who read the whole thing I would like to know who has read at least one book in the maximum Ride series. I will probably read Narnia again next because it has been a while but I can still give you things about my life and classics I read for school. Right now for school we are reading Fahrenheit 451 it is quite good.
Hope everyone enjoyed my rambling, haha : D

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