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Friday, August 24, 2012

Things Not Recognized

I have finally discovered that poems are more than just words on a piece of paper they have deep meaning behind every word, and they mean things to the poets that write them. It is a challenge to understand poems but it is worth it. You get to pick apart the poem, and try to find its deeper meaning. I think this inspiration came from me taking poetry this semester in school. I hope anyone who reads these posts will gain a deeper understanding of poetry and learn to enjoy poems as much as I do!

This weeks poem...
To Waken an Old lady
          by: William Carlos Williams

Old age is
a flight of small 
cheeping birds
bare trees
above a snow glaze.
Gaining and failing
they are buffeted
by a dark wind-
But what?
On harsh weedstalks
the flock has rested
the snow 
is covered with broken
and the wind tempered
by a shrill
piping of plenty.

The deeper meaning that my class and I came to is that The old women is Mother Earth. It is winter and she is growing old as the year. She is new in the spring, just as the flowers are new and she slowly ages with the plants during the year and in the winter she dies off until the spring.    It says that there are broken seedhusks covering the ground which mean the seeds could be buried in the ground and can grow in the spring when Mother Earth wakes up again. 

I hope you enjoyed the poetry I will try to post a different poem every week and I hope you enjoy!

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