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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Random Ranterer: What Makes me Love a Book like Food/Sleeping

The Random Ranterer: What Makes me Love a Book like Food/Sleeping
What makes an 'OMG NUTELLA!' of a story :
  • the story has to be different
    • why bother reading a story that is similar to most?
    • it also has to be interesting to start with
  • the characters have to AWESOME
    • main and secondary people totally rule the World of Literature!!!!
    • that speaks for itself
  • make me win it over
    • please, take me! 
    • take me!
      • and without any worries
Narrations that are wonderful :
  • different
  • original/fresh
  • steady pace
  • works with the story
    • ding! ding! Obviously! 
  • eases in at a fluid rhythm
  • descriptions 
    • it has to fit
    • not too much
      • not too little
  • wonderful dialogue
    • make me love the interaction
Girl traits that totally win me over :
  • bad-ass
  • smart
    • not only kick-ass 
      • but knows her stuff
  • quirky
    • make me love her dialogue
  • can speak for herself
  • stubborn
    • what's the fun without someone stubborn?
  • she learns and grows
    • my baby is all grown up now! XD
Guy traits that are swoon-worthy >/////< :
  • bad-ass
  • laid back
  • nerdy/geeky
    • who wants a cute nerdy tutor.... anyone? 
      • no takes?
        • I'm taking him!!!!
  • messy hair
  • lazy eyes 
    • not like high on drugs lazy eyes
  • blushes!!!
    • nothing wrong with being shy!
    • I think it's cute 
    • makes me love him more 
  • kind 
    • gives his jacket >.< 
    • sometimes gets jealous 
      • kawaii!!!
Secondary traits that make me want them to be main :
  • they're fun
    • the life of the party
      • that could be the one thing that wins me over 
Romance - what I love :
  • it's just a dash for enjoyment
  • it's totally sweet
  • not over the top and takes over the story 
    • big NO NO
  • the couple is wonderful
    • gotta love both 
    • mainly the guy
      • but the girl can be loved too

I got this from The Random Ranter one of my all time favourite blogs! Go check it out! http://therandomranterer.blogspot.com/