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Thursday, October 11, 2012

As Life Goes On: My Week

Ok so as I posted at the begging of this week I am on fall break *woo-hoo*, so I have had tons of time to read *another woo-hoo*. It is sad I have read more books this week than I did over summer break but then again I was being stupid of summer break and only read six book (two of which were manga's).
The other problem was I have this thing where I like posting the book review for the book before I read the next one (except for manga's, they get reviewed whenever). This week I realized how much I missed reading such awesome books that I couldn't put down, so instead of doing the book reviews I just started the next book. 
This week I have read seven books (four of which were Manga's, but they absolutely still count as books). I have read Crescent Moon 1-3(manga), Hana Kimi 4(manga) and The Hero's of Olympus 1-3(the only ones that have come out so far).
I am apologizing in advance if you think I am annoying or weird because tomorrow I will most likely be posting six book reviews (one is a book I read in school that we finished last week and manga series all count as one review). 
Hope everyone is enjoying there week as much as I am :D


  1. *gasp* Yay!!!!! You did read Hana-Kimi!!! Whoop whoop! I'm currently reading Bleach kinda pushed back except on the weekends and cause its long. :)

    1. And you are reading Bleach so woo-hoo to that :D I love bleach so much I haven't read very many of the manga (the first 4 I read I think) but I have watched almost all the subbed Anime shows :D