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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Book: InuYasha Affections Touching Across Time Ani-Manga

Yea, New Manga! It is for the Inuyasha Movie so I am really excited to read it! 
I have watched all the episodes of the anime but I have never read the manga, so I really look foreword to reading some this. This also isn't just any manga it is the movie ani-manga in colour, which it is quite hard to find.

Summary On Back of Book: Transported back in time to Japan's feudal era, fifteen-year-old Kagome is drawn into an arduous quest to reclaim the shards of the sacred Shikon Jewel. With the reluctant help of the dog-like, half-demon Inuyasha, she must battle demon's and mortals alike, all bent on possessing the jewel's staggering power!

Two hundred years ago, Inuyasha's father sealed away a ruthless Chinese demon named Hyoga. Now a Shikon Jewel shard has freed Hyoga's son, Menomaru, who wants to break the seal placed on his fathers remains and absorb his terrifying power. But to do so, he must first steal Inuyasha's sword, Tetsusaiga.

I wish everyone a good week!


  1. Hello, I'm Michael. New follower of your blog. Looks like a good book, I'm a big fan of anime - especially Full Metal Alchemist!

    I mainly blog about my book, writing tips and I also have a cool competition up now. Have a nice week too.

    1. Thanks for follwing, I will go check out you blog too. I need to watch Full Matal Alchemist I have heard it is cool :)