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Monday, October 8, 2012

New Book: Harry Potter #1 in French

I have a best friend (pen pal) in France. We did a book exchange and I sent her a book in English and she sent me a book in French. Since Harry potter is my absolute Favourite book, I asked for Harry potter in French. So I now have a copy of Harry Potter in French and I am very excited.

I am taking French in school, so I hope in a few years I will be able to read it almost fluently. As of now I have only had eight weeks of French, so my French is very basic still and I can't read more than the first line but it makes me want to learn more French. 

So, Yeah I have Harry Potter in French and I am so excited :D 
Hope everyone is well :D

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  1. Oh I absolutely love Harry Potter in French! Actually, the first time I read a Harry Potter book, it was in French! Since then, I have read the series in French seven times! I hope you enjoy this book Jane!

    -Grace :)