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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Random Thoughts: Libraries

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Libraries have always been a wonderful place that I love. You can find every type of book there and books are the greatest thing ever :D
When I grow up I want a library in my house that has over 2,000 books in it. It will hold all the books I love in my heart. I want a library like the one Beauty and the Beast. 
I love this library because of it size and its beauty. It have wonderful decorations in the library that do not distract you from the books make, but makes them even more beautiful.

This library is wonderful because it is real and it holds millions of books under one roof, what could be better.

I always have loved the libraries in books in movie's that have been lost for centuries but now they have been found. They are wonderful. They are full of lost treasure's and wonders. They are beautiful <3

Does anyone else think libraries are one of the most amazing things ever? 

1 comment:

  1. I looked through the pictures and I literally said "Wow." even if I've seen these pictures. Because, just imagine that! Wow. And, yes, libraries are AWESOME! Especially when you're the one owning it. :) *in happy land*