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Sunday, January 19, 2014

I'm back?! I think!

Hey! Soooo its's kind of been a while and by a while I mean since last summer.

I'm going to try this again and I want to know if you guys remember me r even kind of care so please comment so I'm not all alone it will make me want to come back a lot more.

I tried to come back in may but I never posted and it didn't work but this time I'm reallygoing to try and make this work.

I to talk to you guys a lot more
-Janussa (p.s. that's my full name and I have always gone by Jane before this on the blog)


  1. WELCOME BACK, JANEE! OR JANUSSA..I don't know what to call you now…XD But please don't quite blogging! You are one of my favorite blogs in read from! And seeing you grow throughout the year is so awesome to look at. Look at your reviews they were amazing before but now they are just beautiful.

  2. Aww Delaney your going to make me cry!! That means a ton coming from you and thank you so much. I hope my reviews continue to get better cuz I've read some of my old review and they sound absolutely terrible haha! I'm so happy that everyone hasn't forgotten about me because you are one of the best friends I made through blogging!