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Monday, January 7, 2013

Random Thoughts: Book Depression

Well I have been thinking, it has been quite a long time since I did a Random Thoughts post, so thought it would be fun to do one.

I don't think book depression is a real term but it is to me and since I am going threw it thought I would talk about it.

Book Depression: When a person finishes a book with a cliff-hanger but they can't get the next book or when a book has bad or sad ending, or when a series you love ends and you have to say goodbye to it.

When I go threw these I really just either want to sit alone and think to myself or possibly scream, it depends on the book. Well I don't believe I'm the only person who feels this way when they finish a book. 

Seriously whenever I go threw this I never feel like starting a new book or writing a review right away because I feel that would mean I would have to say goodbye to the book and that can be hard. Well I get over it but it usually takes a day and even once I started a new book, I keep thinking about the last one. Anyone else feel this way recently? 

Well I am not sure there is a lot of point to this post I'm just in a book depression.

Even though I am in a book depression I will write the Madman's Daughter Review now and have it posted soon.

Well tomorrow I have to go back to school and break ends, I will try have fun with my last few hours of freedom before school starts again.

Have a great day.


  1. I know that feeling. Didn't know it was called but, I just experienced that through Artemis Fowl's last book in the series and it just feels depressing to think there are no more books after that one about Artemis Fowl. T ^ T

    What is the book/series that you are having a depression on? Also, looking forward to you thoughts on The Madman's Daughter!

    1. Yeah you see everyone else continuing with you life and you just feel like you died. It was actually the Madman's Daughter because of the ending.