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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Book Review: Palace of Stone

By: Shannon Hale
Pages: 323
Published: August 21, 2012

Summary: Coming down from the mountain to a new life in the city is a thrill to Miri. She and her princess academy friends have been brought to Asland to help the future princess Britta prepare for her wedding.There, Miri also has a chance to attend school-at the Queen's Castle. But as Miri befriends students who seem sophisticated and exciting she also learns that they have some frightening plans. Torn between loyalty to the princess and her new friends' ideas, between an old love and a new crush, and between her small mountain home and the bustling city, Miri looks to find her own way in this new place.

Rating: 5

Review: I think I loved this book even more than the first. I loved Miri, she was trying to find her way in the world. Shannon Hale is a master of fantasy and creating a different world. She makes everything seem real. The Writing was wonderful and lush. She wrote and describe many things but never to much. I never got board reading this. There were twists and turns and some thing surprised me but it was perfect. 

I hated Timon. He was... oh just read the book and you'll figure him out. I loved Peder, he was as perfect as the first book. The characters were all special and important and different in there own way. 

The Queen's castle was wonderful and I wish as a school I could go there and learn. There was so much depth to the story. The royal family had stories that Miri learned about past King's and Queen's. I guess even Timon had depth even as much as he annoyed me. I think he had good intentions but he is still hated by me. Miri is a wonderful heroin and girl and the type of person who makes you feel like you wnat to be a better person.


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