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Thursday, December 20, 2012

As Life Goes On: I've Returned... Finally

Tra la la la, la la la la
Yippee!! I am finally on break!

Which means I have time to read and blog!! I feel awful I haven't bloged in almost two weeks...

Well I have finished Palace o Stone so I will post that review today. I started reading Shatter Me and I read the first 100 pages and really liked it but I let my friend borrow it over break because she has nothing else to read and I have tons. So I am reading the Fault in Our and I Love it it is so wonderful! 

Here is a Fault in Our Stars teaser quote:
 ~ "'Sometimes I dream that I'm writing a memoir. A memoir would be just the thing to keep me in the hearts and memories of my adoring people."'

There are many others but I don't want to spoil anything... :D
If I don't get interrupted, then I will probably have it finished by tomorrow :D

Well to everyone who is on break already, Have the most wonderful break ever and to people who start break tomorrow have the most wonderful break after school ends :D

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