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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Book to Movie: Divergent

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I was blown away by the movie. It's not very often that the movie is at least as good as the book but Divergent was. All the scenes were perfect and the cast was amazing.

I could get nit-picky over how they did some things different but if I do that then I not enjoying the movie for how it is. A movie will never live up to everyone's expectations. Characters will be different how we imagined them. They have to leave stuff out and change some details and they have to make it fit in a certain amount of time. Divergent did a brilliant job with all of this and as I talk to more people about the movie they all agree.

This movie gives me hope that they won't ruin all book to movie adaptions, especially since there are so many new book-to-movie adaptions coming out right now. Hunger Games is still going, Divergent just started and The Giver, The Maze Runner and The Fault in Our Stars all come out in the next few months. The most important part of a movie adaption is to capture the world and the feelings and emotions of all the characters.

I definitely recommend you see the Divergent movie you will not regret it. It is perfect whether you've read the book or not (though I suggest you read the book it is amazing).



  1. I thought the adaptation was pretty good as well! Check out my review of the movie here: http://myviewpointonbooks.blogspot.com/2014/03/divergent-movie-review.html