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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Book Review: The Keeper's Calling

By: Kelly Nelson
Pages: 312
Published On: February 20, 2012

Summary: Chase Harper's to-do list for senior year never included "fall in love" or "fight for your life," but things rarely go as planned. Tarnished gold  and resembling a pocket watch, the counter he finds in a cave during the summer of 2011 will forever change the course of his life, leading him to the beautiful Ellie Williams and unlocking a power beyond his wildest imagination. 

In 1863 complete's school in Boston and return's to the Utah Territory only to discover that her grandfather and his counter, a treasured family heirloom, are missing. When Ellie is abducted and told she must produce the counter or die, an unexpected rescuer comes to her aid.

Rating: 4.5

My dad got me this book because the author was doing signings at a Costco in Oregon. So this is my first signed my the author book.

The Storyline: It was exciting, creative, and different from anything else I have read. It is sad and cute. I just loved it!

The Writing Style: It is well written and keeps your attention and doesn't bore you at all.

The Characters: I loved that all the main characters were introduced within the first two or three chapters instead of taking seven. I loved Ellie SO much. Something about her made me love her and want what is good for her. I really liked Chase but even though he is the main character I still liked Ellie more. 

The Pace of the Book: It was well paced for the amount of time that was covered and what happened. It gets just a bit slow in the middle because less is happening but it picks up again and is really good.

Waiting for the Next Book: This book has such a happy nice ending I feel like it doesn't need a sequel but It has one. There is not even a title or release date for the next book so I will have to keep my eyes out for it. 

Other Stuff: It is a fabulous book. The rating is a 4.5 instead of a five because it wasn't a book that I felt like I couldn't put down when reading it until the very end. It didn't quite make my favourite's but it is still wonderful. I would defiantly recommend this book for someone who wants a happier (for the most part), cute book.

Hope Everyone is Awesome!! My next book on the list is Princess Academy, so I will probably start that today!


  1. Thank you for reviewing my book on your blog! I really appreciate that. :)
    I am so glad you liked it. Book 2 is titled The Keeper's Quest and is currently at the publishers. It should be released by the end of November and will hopefully be in stores shortly thereafter.

    1. really that is wonderful, I really loved the first book! if there is any way I might be able to get an advanced readers copy of the next book teat would be amazing!

  2. ACRs aren't ready yet, but I'll see what I can do!

    1. I realize that but I meant once they are and if you could that would be so amazing!\
      -Jane :D